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The Company
Harir Stone Group has established a well-organized team with over 30 years of experience to ensure and committed to producing high end and advanced Tiles and Slabs as finished products of natural stones based on our client’s requirements.Harir Stone group consists of two subsets of stone cutting mills and mines including travertine and granite. This company is managed by Mr Mohammad Yazdani with more than 30 years of experience in the field Production, processing and trade are managed in the field of stone.

As we are located geographically in the Middle East and have a wide network of partners around the globe, we would offer our best possible efforts to mix high-quality products, satisfactory customer services with expert staff to fulfil the needs of our valuable customers.
We, as quarry owners are experiencing producing raw travertine blocks in a complete range of colours in light and dark cream, light and dark beige and walnuts

Our Mission
Our mission is the client’s satisfaction which will be our highest concern to aim our production line in the best direction of providing the best services includes; competitive prices, on-time delivery, high quality and maintaining our services and supports to our commitment and our well-established relationship with the valuable customers.
Our Customers
Our customers around the globe could have our services including Builders, Architectures, Stone Dealers, Stone distributers, private and government sector projects as well as Importers.



CEO message: 

Harir Stone complex is one of the small members of the stone family in Iran, which has a high capacity for the production of unique building stones in the world. Harir Stone is a manufacturer of all types of coups, slabs, travertine and granite tiles. The main products of this company include silver travertine and Takab cream, Zanjan peach, grey and chocolate granite in the highest quality level, according to the world standards.
This company is always trying to increase the quality of its products in order to increase customer satisfaction by being in line with and using the latest technologies in the world.
As a successful and experienced producer, Harir Stone Company is always striving to offer its products at the highest quality level of unique stones in Iran and to present them to the world markets with the aim of developing its trade relations with activists and traders in the field. Stones around the world account for a larger share of the world's stone markets.

Mohammad Yazdani (CEO)